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05-13-2006, 05:28 PM
This is a special weekend edition of the NewsWatch. Felt compelled to mention that the freaking 5th place Cubs are DOMINATING the airwaves now as well as in Print. I still cant quite understand the obsession with this loser franchise, but its disturbing and sickening to hear the Chicago Media Weep, Wail and Gnash their teeth right now, especially on the Score. Hub Arkush the jackass cant shut his mouth right now bitching about the Cubs and how hes so mad about the way things have turned out. Memo To Hub: Hey jackass, SHUT UP. His afternoon show has been blatantly 100% Cubs, and he blatantly comes out of the commercials saying "Lets talk cubs". I Called numerous times, finally getting thru and the producer asked my name, told him, and said why are we bitching all day about the Cubs? Who Cares, lets talk about the 1st Place team in this town, they said NO, they only were taking Cub calls and hung up on me.

Toni Ginetti, who last week couldnt be bothered to write any Extra SOX stories, today turns in 3 cub stories, apparently working hard to uncover more filth on how badly the Cubs are playing. Her tone is that of utter disgust. My tone after reading her articles is that of Disgust also. She fails to distance herself from the story and her lust for everything that is cub bleeds thru like a cup of warm old-style.
Joe Cowley, apparently is at a loss in subject ideas for covering the SOX, he only turns in 3 stories, one being about Aaron Rowand.
Despite Winning the World Series in 2005, being only the 5th team in history to lead from wire-to-wire, is currently in 1st Place now, share the Best Record in Baseball, The White Sox INEXPLICABLY find themselves lagging far behind in media attention to a team that, is in 5th Place, hasnt won 90 games in a season 3 times since 1950, have lost 9of10 games, and are utterly terrible right now. Reprehensible the way the SOX are ignored in this town.
Chicago Tribune:
4 cub stories
3 sox stories
Chicago SunTimes:
3 cub stories
3 sox stories

Standings as of Saturday May 13th, 2006
Priviledged, Media Owned, Media Favored, currently in 5th place Cubs 409
Underdog, Media Maligned, Media Ignored, currently in 1st place SOX 353

05-13-2006, 07:21 PM
I live in the far north burbs....and picked up a NW Herald on Thursday...low and behold the type of coverage we've been looking for....2/3's of the front page of the sports page with huge color photos of Thome, Dye, etc. and a feature on how the White Sox have 5-6 guys hitting > .300...inside another huge color photo of Crede and some stats on how few teams have ever had that many regulars hitting above .300. A few more positive articles on our Champs. Tip of the hat to the Herald.

After the b.s. Tribune coverage of the Royals series...I'll be cancelling my Trib subscription and switching to the Herald.:gulp:

05-13-2006, 08:24 PM
I believe you're talking about the Daily Herald.

To employees of the Tribune and Sun-Times, please explain why there's been so many more Cubs stories than Sox stories.