View Full Version : The Suspense is Killing Me

01-30-2002, 05:14 PM
I can't wait until Spring Training. I also can't wait until the Sox pound the living **** out of the Cubs. I'm hoping that this Singleton trade helps the team, not like last season when it seemed that every move backfired (i.e. Alomar, Wells).

I'm getting tired of listening to all those idiot Cubs fans who think that the addition of Moises Alou will propell the Cubs into the World Series. Give me a break! I talked to a Cubs fan recently, and he asked me what I thought the Cubs would do if they accquired Mike Hampton (which they failed to do).

I said, "Well, they could bat him in front of Todd Hundley."

When you have a player- a regular no less- who sucks as bad as Hundley, I don't see how you can get anything done. Pencil in about 85 losses for another pittiful Cubs team.