View Full Version : Q&A with Warthogs 1B Chris Kelly

05-10-2006, 01:52 PM
Excerpted from the Warthogs Weekly newsletter . . .

Q You missed a lot of last season; did you expect to come back so well to start the 2006 season?

A I usually start seasons hitting around .200 for a while and then I get going. That is how it was in college and everywhere else. It did surprise me. It kind of opened my eyes and I realized that I can do it right out of the gate rather than waiting 100 at-bats into it.

Q When you get a chance to watch games on TV, who are a couple of the players you enjoy watching?

A I love Paul Konerko. I donít know why, I just love watching that guy. Of all the people, I love watching JT Snow play defense.

Q In Spring Training, did you get a chance to talk to Paul Konerko any?

A Yeah. Last year, I talked to him a lot because I was in the mini-camp around him a lot. And this year, a couple of times. He is always a good guy. I talked to Thome a lot too this year. They are both good guys.

Q When I watch Chris Kelly play, you are so relaxed. You donít get too excited and you donít get too low. Where do you think you learned to play as loose as you do?

A I went through college and I kind of got in trouble for being too laid back for my coach there. He told me, "youíre too laid back. You need to show some fire." So then, I tried to do that, but I got into trouble for showing too much fire. And then coming out and playing pro ball, itís a lot different than college ball. You got have that Ö.not laid back, but that happy medium I guess is what you call it. You donít want to get too emotional because baseball is a humbling game. I could go out and go 5-for-5 and hit five home runs or I could go out and strike out five times and I will still be the same.

Q If somebody hasnít seen Chris Kelly play, explain the type of player they are going to see when they come see you?

A Not too flashy or not too excitingÖI wouldnít say. I am not very vocal. I am not the type of person that you are going to say that he is a leader. I like to do my leadership with my play, my defense and my hitting. Iím probably just the guy who is going to go out and you know he is trying, but can get the job done.