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05-03-2006, 12:52 PM
From the Warthogs weekly newsletter . . .

Anderson Gomesis an outfielder for the Warthogs, who played for the South Bank Hawks in Japan last year. After being born and raised in Brazil, Gomes moved to the Dominican Republic to follow his dream of playing professional baseball. He then relocated to Japan, where he has played for the previous four seasons in the Japanese professional baseball leagues. Originally a pitcher, Gomes broke his arm during one of the many extensive practices in Japan and is making the transition to the outfield. As a Warthog, Gomes is currently hitting .187 with 1 HR and 10 RBIís in 21 games.

Q: Growing up in Brazil, how popular is baseball and how did you get involved?

A: Down in Brazil, they really donít know what baseball means. And I started to play baseball because I had a few friends who played soccer and in Brazil, there are many Japanese people there and they invited me to play baseball. I lived in Brazil until I was 13 years old and then I moved to the Dominican and then I came back. My first contract was in Japan when I was 16 years old.

Q: Growing up, was there is an emphasis on soccer and how good are you?

A: Before while I was in school, I used to be able to play pretty good, but I gave it up for baseball.

Q: Do you still play soccer now or in the off-season?

A: Yeah. I still play for fun. This past off-season, I got together with some friends to play, but nothing too serious.

Q: Speaking of the past off-season, what baseball related skills did you work on?

A: I worked on my hitting because this will be the first year that I will play as an outfielder. I really wanted to work on my hitting.

Q: While playing in Japan as a pitcher, were you a reliever or closer?

A: My first year in Japan I was a starter. And after I broke my arm, I became a reliever and a closer.

Q: How did you break your arm?

A: Just during one of the games while I was over there. I was pitching and I threw the ball and my arm snapped.

Q: After playing baseball in Japan for 4 years, what are some of the differences between playing there and in America?

A: In Japan, we do a lot of practicing over there. And over here, we do a little practicing, but we play every day.

Q: Would you rather be pitching or playing in the outfield?

A: Before, I liked to pitch because I could throw the ball very hard. I could throw pretty hard, like 95 mph, but I like hitting too. So after I broke my arm, I decided that I was going to switch from pitching to playing every day.

Q: How did you go from playing in Brazil to signing with a team in Japan?

A: A couple of guys went on vacation from Japan to Brazil and they saw me play in Brazil ball. It was not a professional league, but they asked me to a tryout and I ended up going to Japan.

Q: How are the cultural differences between Japan and Brazil?

A: The food is very different. In Japan, they eat a lot of fish. I really donít like fish, but that is just one of the big differences between Brazil and Japan.