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05-03-2006, 11:48 AM
Apparently while I was gone, the Cubs were able to Pad their big lead even more with media coverage than the WS Champ SOX. I checked Saturday and saw that Cubs Asst GM and beat writer Mike Kiley was feverishly and openly TAMPERING with other available first baseman. Kiley and fellow Asst GM Paul Sullivan appear despondent over the situation, and are trying to get Jim Hendry to act fast. Today, Sullivan AGAIN mentions AZ 1b Tony Clark and Toni Ginetti even gets into the act and tells of the Cubs having contacted Pittsburgh already (duh, thats the only team they can trade with)
(didnt I make a joke about that last week? heh heh)

Gonzalez article regarding B Andersons woes seems a bit off the mark and definitely can be considered a negative article. Personally, he should just be platooned.

Despite Winning the WS in 2005, its first title in 88 years, the White Sox inexplicably find themselve lagging far behind in Media Coverage to a team that finished in 4th place last year, has only 3 90-win seasons since 1950,
and hadnt had back-to-back winning seasons since Nixon was in office til last season!!!
Chicago Tribune:
3 cub stories
3 sox stories
Chicago SunTimes:
4 cub stories
3 sox stories
Standings as of Wednesday May 3rd, 2006
Priviledged, Media-Owned, Media Favored, 4th Place in 2005 Cubs 338
Underdog, Media Maligned, Media Ignored, WS Champs in 2005 SOX 298