View Full Version : Can't get in Chat Room

05-01-2006, 10:51 PM
Sorry to tell you White Sox Fans that go to the Chat Room here that I can't get into the Chat Room because of computer problems.

I'm watchin' every game on TV though & cheerin' them on.

Another awesome but nail bitin' game tonight against the Tribe, but we got the WIN.

My Daughter will probably get my computer fixed this coming weekend.

Hope to be back in the Chat Room soon.

I went to a card show Saturday & got a Jim Thome card with him in a White Sox uniform...Also a Bobby Jenks, Juan Uribe, Brandon McCarthy, Pablo Ozuna, Luis Vizcaino, Jose Contreras & Brian Anderson & extras of some of the other regulars that have been with the White Sox a little longer like Podsednik & Buehrle. Piersynski & Iguchi.

I paid 5 bucks for a 2006 Paul Konerko Bazooka Blast authentic gamed-used bat card.....VERY AWESOME