View Full Version : Calling the Sox Army

04-23-2006, 07:43 PM
In Thursday's suntimes, Richard Roeper has a couple of little bits on the Sox, one of which caught my eye

Another Sox fan, Martha Sokol of Orland Park, arrived at the Cell an hour before game time that day, but the supply of rings was already gone.

"Would I have worn the ring?" asked Sokol. "No. I would have given it to my nephew, who like many with Down syndrome, is a huge baseball fan."

Note that Sokol didn't ask for any favors -- but I'm taking it upon myself to make the request. Anybody out there got a White Sox souvenir ring they'd like to send along, so I can send it to Sokol and she can give it to her nephew?


Now I wasn't able to go to the game and get a ring for myself, but I figured this would be the best place for him to try to find a ring. If anyone has an extra ring they wouldn't mind giving to a kid who would love it, let him know at rroeper@suntimes.com

This also may not necessarily be a calling sox army post, but i think it would count.