View Full Version : GREAT DAY! SOX WIN, CUBS LOSE!

07-28-2001, 07:16 PM
Thank you God.

Now, don't give up on the Flubbies dying just yet.

1. There is a tradition of crashing and burning in the Crappy Confines (a/k/a Toiletbowl).

2. Their pitching has been flawless and healthy all season. Any crack in their starters OR bullpen can cause a major collapse, they're luck may already be running out in the bullpen;

3. They're playing only .500 ball since the all-star break even with all the luck.

4. The wild card will probably not come out of the NL Central, but out of the west (LA, AZ, SF) or east (Philly).

5. St. Louis is not out of the running yet, and can be 6 back in the loss column if they win tomorrow with over 2 months to go.

6. Stros are winnning the nightcap.

KEEP THE FAITH! Don't throw in the towel, it's still only July.