View Full Version : was harold ever a signer?

mike squires
01-21-2002, 06:46 PM
did anybody ever have any luck getting a signature from harold baines? maybe i was always at the wrong place at the wrong time but i was never able to get his autograph. my best opportunity was in '83 my first sox game. he was walking toward right field down the line and i stretched my program at him. but he kept walking. he dissapeared in a door in right field and i never saw him come back. he was the one guy i always wanted. him being a DH probably didn't help much considering he was never really on the field at game time. just wandering. mikesquires

01-21-2002, 07:20 PM
That pretty much somes up my experience from 81-89- man, i got a lot of signatures from guys like marc hill and tim hullett while trying to get
baines attention

duke of dorwood
01-21-2002, 10:12 PM
He gave my mom an autograph at spring training when they were still in Sarasota

01-21-2002, 11:35 PM
i got it at soxfest last year.

01-22-2002, 07:29 AM
I didn't know Harold could talk or write. I've never seen him do either one. He always just walked past me as he never heard me asking for an autograph. Since I was 7, I'll bet I asked him about 10 times at games. He never even looked at me.

01-22-2002, 08:17 AM
I'm not sure about autographs, but Harold is about as quiet and introverted as any big leaguer I've ever seen. Most of these guys have egos the size of house boats. The beatwriters mostly give him a pass, since he never says anything controversial anyway. His suggestion that he wasn't ready to retire is about as close to controversy as I can ever recall Harold.

Harold would be the perfect guy for the Sox to hire for community relations. Just hand him a script and give him a chair and pens to sign with. He's known and loved by three generations of Sox Fans. He would be more popular than anybody they've got now, including Bill Melton.

Has Harold gotten an offer to anybody's spring training camp? Maybe he's looking for work.

duke of dorwood
01-22-2002, 08:20 AM
THAT is a great idea.

01-22-2002, 11:52 AM
I had a long talk with Harold at spring training once in the 80s, I forget exactly what year. He was coming off knee surgery, as was I. He saw the cast I had on and actually came over to swap knee stories. He signed my cast.