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04-10-2006, 10:29 AM
Charlotte won 7-1 over Toledo. Sweeney 2-5, Fields 2-4, and Rogowski with a long HR.

Birmingham shutout 3-0 by West Tenn. Malone pitch 5 innings with just 1-run & 2-hits but gave up 5 BB with his 4 K's. Offense looking anemic.

W-S was off Sunday.

Kanny lost 8-2 to Rome. Orlando was 2-3 and Allen was 1-3 (first hit of the season)...

04-10-2006, 11:36 AM
If Malone just had a little control he could be so good..... I really hope he can figure it out one of my favorite prospects.

04-12-2006, 02:51 PM
Some comments on the Knights game . . .

First time I've seen Phillips. His gun readings were in the high 80s, and he mixed in a good change with an unremarkable breaking pitch. Reynoso continues to dominate when he throws strikes. Stewart seemed to think that the 5 BB had more to do with the scab umps than the pitchers.

Lopez turned a slick 6-3 double-play. Owens made a nice throw to the cutoff man to hold the runners after a long flyball out. The Knights had a player dead-to-rights in a rundown between 2B and 3B, but Gonzalez dropped a throw. With runners on 1B and 2B (IIRC), Rogo snuck behind the runner at 1B and Phillips picked him off. The ump blew the call, and Razor blew his top.

Lots of "smart ball." Fields continues to hit the ball hard to all fields and actually dropped down a perfect sacrifice bunt. Not bad for a powerful cleanup hitter. He also stole a base. Stewart looked good: 2-3, bases-loaded BB, 2 RBI. In a sacrifice situation, he drag-bunted for a hit. Not bad for a big catcher. Lopez followed with a perfect sac bunt, putting runners at 2nd and 3rd with 1 out. Owens then advanced the runners with a ground ball to the 2B. Rogo's looking dangerous. I assume this is Thome's influence, since he's taking huge cuts at the dish. Lots of foul-balls straight back to the screen. His HR was absolutely crushed . . . a line shot off of the 4th floor of a building in the RF corner of the stadium. (The RF wall in Toldeo is about 340' from home plate, followed by a picnic area, followed by a concourse, followed by the building.) He came thisclose to shattering a window. Quite a sight to behold. We'll see how this approach affects his AVE but I expect a HR increase, especially now that he's gone from the huge Hoover Met to tiny Knights Stadium. Sweeney also lined the ball towards RF constantly this game. Rivera looked terrible. He swung and missed several 88 MPH fastballs in the zone but managed to eke out a single. It's not clear why he was hitting ahead of Rogo and Blakely.