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Viva Medias B's
04-07-2006, 07:23 AM
Link for those of you Tribune-registered (http://chicagosports.chicagotribune.com/sports/baseball/cubs/cs-060406cubspressure,1,5399585.story?coll=cs-home-headlines)

I knew they didn't care about us! Actually, the article is more an interview with Michael Barrett. He mainly talks about a 42-year-old Cub fan named "Turtle" and how Cubs losing is stressful to him. Barrett then goes into the Wrigley faithful turn into boo birds when things go bad.

04-07-2006, 09:07 AM
I can only imagine that if things don't start off well for the Cubs this year, the booing is going to worse than ever. The frustration of Cubs fans has to be at an all-time high now. The is more of an open preoccupation with the White Sox than ever before. I've seen more than one Cubs fan declare that he/she wants to see the Cubs win to end "all this White Sox talk."

04-07-2006, 09:29 AM
Very interesting....

Derrek Lee: "Wrigley can be a huge home-field advantage with the day games and the crowd on our side. We need to take advantage of that and play better at home."

Dusty: "And a lot of times you get new guys and they have a hard time adjusting to Chicago initially, playing day games and day games after night games."

The players see the day games as an advantage. The manager sees the day games as a disadvantage:rolleyes:

04-07-2006, 09:48 AM
The players see the day games as an advantage. The manager sees the day games as a disadvantage:rolleyes:

Dusty's a master at making excuses.

04-07-2006, 11:11 AM
there's actually a funny set of pictures on the Trib's chicagosports.com today. It has a picture of the Sox celebrating in Houston and then a profile picture of some Cub fan crying. The two pictures are totally unrelated, but they made it look like the Cub fan was crying while watching the Sox win the WS.


04-07-2006, 11:22 AM
The line I kept hearing from the Lemmings all Winter was "I'm not bitter." I'm not sure what they should be "bitter" about, we beat the 'Stros, not the Cubs in the WS last year. Are they "bitter" because we Sox fans now don't give a flying hoot about them and their antics so they can't egg us on?

Truly bizarre behavior from truly bizarre people.

04-07-2006, 02:32 PM
I thought Dusty had their Wrigley day-game woes blamed squarely on all the white guys on the team.

04-07-2006, 03:32 PM
White Sox Syndrome: the haunting and taunting of Cubs fans by their South Side counterparts in the aftermath of the Sox's championship season in 2005.

It's the first thing they think about when they wake up in the morning. They've got to go to work and put up with all the White Sox fans."

Awwww...look at the poor cubby fans that get taunted by the classless and trashy sox fans. What a bunch of b.s. Personally, I haven't said a word to any cub fans unless they say something first. However, if I ever get to meet Turtle in a bar, I will be unable to stop myself.:D:

04-12-2006, 08:35 AM
Barrett's preoccupation continues...

"After what the White Sox did last year and with us not living up to expectations,'' Barrett said before Tuesday's game, "it's nice to give something back to our fans.'' - Sun-Times, April 12, 2006

04-12-2006, 09:05 AM
Give something back to their fans ? What would that be, getting thrashed 9-2 by the Reds ?

mrs. hendu
04-12-2006, 09:20 AM
Give something back to their fans ? What would that be, getting thrashed 9-2 by the Reds ?
Yeah, what's the obsession and WS talk? What, because they swept the Cards? :tongue: I can't stand how Flubs fans can't get over our win. :mad:

Even my school's newspapaper (Roosevelt's University Torch) has an obsessed, "I don't care about the Sox", writer.:rolleyes: Here's the article:

More than the birthdays of my beloved family, wonderful friends, and even my very own date of birth, Opening Day of baseball is the best. This day is more special to me than any holiday we celebrate, ranging from Valentine's Day (sorry ladies), Easter, Thanksgiving, Chanukah, and even Christmas. Every year this day is more fun to me than any Halloween or New Years Eve party I have ever or will ever attend.

Fathers play hooky from work to take their sons with them to a day at the ballpark (at least mine did) which neither will ever forget. And college kids skip classes to barbeque and drink beers.

It's a day when no matter what mother nature gives us for weather, the day is still glorious.

The aroma of food is tantalizing as it fills the air. Nothing beats an ice cold Pepsi (substitute a beer here if you're over 21) in one hand, and a giant hot dog with everything on it in the other. Kids clamor for cotton candy, cracker jacks and cheesy nachos.

You throw around your money buying t-shirts, hats, programs and giant foam fingers (I swear I never purchased one) without a second though of the price just because it's just fun to be in such an electric atmosphere.

The camaraderie is next to none when you're sitting in your seat. A grade school kid can easily engage in conversation with the older business man about the team's chances and prospects for the season. Anyone and everyone is your friend on Opening Day because every team playing is in first place and you truly believe your team has a shot at winning it all.

The upcoming 2006 baseball season is one of the most anticipated of all-time. The huge cloud of steroids continues to linger over the heads of many players, past and present. Barry Bond's pursuit of Babe Ruth and the most magical number in all of sports: Hank Aaron's legendary home run record of 755. What will the White Sox do this year and more importantly…what will the Cubs do? The storied Yanks-Bo Sox rivalry becomes more enthralling with every passing year. New faces in new places, all hope to provide excitement in cities throughout.

As a die-hard Cubs fan this season is especially important to me. I'm heartbroken over the White Sox winning it all last year (although I do give credit where credit is due). Can Kerry Wood and Mark Prior overcome arm problems and become the dominant pitchers many believe they can be? Is anyone going to step up and fill the glaring void at the back of the rotation? How will the youngsters Murton and Cedeno play? Can Dusty Baker manage?

Despite all the questions surrounding the team, I have full faith in my Cubbies. This is the year for us, I am convinced of it! The Chicago Cubs will win the World Series in 2006. You heard it here first.

And if it doesn't happen, we always have Opening Day to look forward to next year.