View Full Version : Flub fan idiocy has even infiltrated Seattle baseball.

04-05-2006, 10:51 AM
Went to the M's/Angels game last night at Safeco with a fellow WSIer, and when the Angels blasted a home run, we heard the annoying chant of "throw it back!" coming from our right in the Center Field bleachers.

Anyway, I had a decent time even if the game wasn't exactly a pitcher's duel (10-8 M's, with Every Day Eddie doing his best to blow a 10-5 lead in the 9th). The ballpark is good, very reminiscent of Comerica IMO, and there were so few people there that we were able to move behind home plate in the 7th inning or so.

Going back there tomorrow to see the Big Hurt in person. Woo.