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Lip Man 1
04-04-2006, 05:52 PM
Just sent a quick e-mail to Kenny, Brooks and Bob thanking them for what they have done the past few days. Just FYI:


Just a note to thank you and your staff's for the magnificent way that you all presented the championship banners and rings the past few days. Just an amazing experience watching it on Comcast Sports Chicago. I can only imagine how it must have felt to be down on that field.

You did yourselves proud and paid great honor to the city, the franchise and the finest fans in major league baseball...fans who understand what the game is about and the deep connection it has to Chicago.

Thank you for making this possible while I was still around to experience it.

Now let's forget about 2005 and win enough damn games to put the team in position to do it again!

Mark Liptak