View Full Version : Some silly questions about tomorrows game

04-03-2006, 09:02 AM
All right, I'm ****ing pumped up to get a ring tomorrow, so I want to ask a few questions to ensure that I don't foul anything up and so I can coordinate my plans for the day.

- I read that lot A will be open at 6 am, but tailgating doesn't start until 10. What gives? Are they going to strictly enforce this? If I show up at 6 and want to get my drink on, will I be able to? What time did they allow tailgating yesterday?

-Anyone have any guess as to what time I should plan on getting in line so Jerry and Kenny can present me my World Series ring? (They are handing them out, right?) Has anyone heard of people staying the night or getting there super early to ensure a spot in line and a ring? (That may or may not sound completely ridiculous)

-I can't remember because it's been a while since I was in the Bullpen Bar, but do you need a special ticket to get in?

-Who wants to get wasted and watch us kick some toon ass again?