View Full Version : NYY-BOS-CWW-OAK makes sense, because ...

White City
03-31-2006, 02:26 PM
those are the only four teams in the AL to not have a losing season in this century. Those teams also have the four highest win totals for those six seasons, and three of those teams have World Series rings.

Our Sox have been the clear number four in that group in average wins per year (about 88, versus 97 for the Yanks, 95 for Oakland, and 91 for Boston). I'd argue that you could put Anaheim ahead of Oakland because of the World Series title, but they did have a losing season in there and an average season win total of 87, well below Oakland's total. I guess it's the Atlanta/Florida argument all over again -- regular-season excellence versus post-season glory.

Frankly, given Pods' injury and the potential for a bullpen problem, and given the more consistent regular season excellence of the other three presumptive playoff teams, I'm not too worried about analysts picking us to not repeat.

But like most of you, the folks picking us to be behind Cleveland and/or Minnesota are just flat out wacky.

Anyway, why :angry: when they will once again :whiner: this October?