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03-31-2006, 09:57 AM
Rick "Cubby" Morrissey tries his hand at sports journalism today, in a veiled attempt at rallying Cub sheep fans to get Mark Cuban to become the new cubs owner. He harrumphs the idea that his paper is biased against the White SOX (apparently he doesnt read my media watches over the years).
Only takes the reader 1 paragraph to see where hes going with this.

The SOX however deservedly get the front page picture again with a nice fluff piece on Paulie Konerko.

Despite winning the world series in 2005, their first title in 88 years, and being only the 5th team win it all leading wire-to-wire, the White Sox inexplicably and disgracefully find themselves behind in Media Attention.
The Chicago Media for some reason, has fawned over the Cubs for 2 decades, despite that team having ZERO 90-win seasons since 1990 (SOX have 4 90-win seasons in same span) Disgraceful
Chicago Tribune:
3 cub stories
2 sox stories
Chicago SunTimes:
4 cub stories
1 sox stories
Standings as of Friday March 31st, 2006
Priviledged, Media-owned, Media-favored for 2 decades Cubs 142
Underdog, Media-maligned, Media-ignored for 2 decades SOX 135

03-31-2006, 10:19 AM
Mike "Yellow" Kiley today also displays his trademark writing style, Kileyesque if you will, by saying that Baker has a championship vision for this season, despite that nowhere in quote, does Flim-Flam man ever say they are going to win it all. Todd Walker does a ton of butt kissing with by saying fans of the other team "deserve" a championship, after going thru all they had to go thru "during the offseason, with the White Sox winning the whole thing"

Memo to Todd. What makes you think we didnt deserve this after all weve gone thru the last 20 something years with your team?

Dick Allen
03-31-2006, 10:39 AM
As that t-shirt says, "Beware of Stupid People in Large Groups".

03-31-2006, 10:53 AM
Greg Couch does a piece today on the continued selling-out of The Urinal, something that will be OBLIVIOUS to the sheep there. He does incorrectly state ........
" In fairness, the Cubs arent doing anything worse than anyone else. (Other) teams have torn down parks to build stadiums to draw corporate fans"

Mr. Couch. The Cubs recently hurried and quietly (when have the Cubs ever been quiet about a subject, a team that trumpets EVERYTHING about themselves) DESTROYED ALL THE BLEACHERS, putting entirely new ones in their stead, and built private boxes out there now, and a private CF restaurant/bar all in the name of drawing corporate fans. Best part, the cubs were supposed to be "moving" the original brick wall outwards onto public property. Obviously didnt happen as the wall was destroyed and pics posted by Fenway showed entirely new bricks being used (not so historic anymore) and now they'll plant IVY to hide the fact that wall isnt the original one anymore. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH
Who is he kidding?

03-31-2006, 06:06 PM
This afternoon, every one of the top 6 sports headlines/links on chicagotribune.com included the word "Cubs."

Meanwhile, over at the "top headlines" secton of chicagosports.com, 6 of the first 7 items (and 8 of the first 11 items) were Cub-related.