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03-29-2006, 09:06 AM
Mike Kiley does his best to refer to a cub as either personable or good-guy in a story for something like the 10th time this spring. The Cubune today does its very best in picking up a blurb and mentioning that Sports Illustrated has picked the SOX over the Cardinals in the World Series this year, quickly mentioning that now we've been "cursed" by the SI jinx. hahahah to them. Doesnt work on the SOX Tribune. I thought for sure the Podsednik injury would be a bigger story, this has the chance to spell doom for the SOX in 06 than any other injury. I really wished we couldve gotten another lead-off type guy for this team.

Despite winning the World Series in 2005, and being only the 5th team in history to lead wire-to-wire, the SOX inexplicably find themselves LOSING in media coverage to a team that finished in 4th place, and since 1990, have NOT won 90 games in a season. This seasons media coverage pales in comparison to what the Cubs have received the last ten years, despite having won ...Nothing.
Chicago Tribune:
4 cub stories
3 sox stories
Chicago SunTimes:
2 cub stories
2 sox stories
Standings as of Wednesday March 29th, 2006
Priviledged, Media-Favored, 4th place in 2005 Cubs 129
Underdog, Media-Ignored, WS Champs in 2005 SOX 126