View Full Version : My day at spring training

03-27-2006, 11:57 AM
I attended the game versus the Royals in Tucson yesterday. It was an 8 hour drive from Los Angeles but it was well worth the trip. I got shut out from any autographs. It was either because I'm not a prettygirl or too old to be a child. Worse yet, my camera battery was dead and I missed out on photo opportunities. Anyways, if you've never had a chance to catch a spring training game, I highly suggest you do so. There's not a bad seat anywhere in Tucson Electric Park and the food is very good. I suggest you buy a super hot dog. I can't say it's as good as the ones in the Cell(Comiskey) but it's pretty good for Arizona. Now, the highlights and lowlights of the game. Jim Thome seems to be really coming around. He hit two home runs and was on top of every pitch. Jermaine Dye hit one deep to almost straight away center in going back-to-back with Thome in the first inning. Matt Thornton looked very good in pitching two innings while walking only one. He hit 93 mph consistently and had good movement on his pitches. The lowlights: I'm sorry. I like Hideo Nomo and his funky delivery. However, he's many years past his prime and should retire before he gets released. He topped out at about 88 mph and it looked like Royals batting practice against him. Brandon McCarthy didn't fare much better in his outing. He made some good pitches but left a lot of them up in the zone. Hopefully, his pitches won't get smacked around after they leave the light Arizona air.