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03-20-2006, 11:58 PM
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This Borchard business got me thinking about the other 2000 draft picks. So far that 2000 draft, at least the first round, has been a bit disappointing

Borchard was drafted #12. So far, the only big time player drafted before him was Rocco Baldelli at #6. Adrian Gonzalez was the #1 pick that year and appears to be the only other guy drafted before Borchard who appears to be considered a serious prospect. We'll see how he does this year with the Padres.

Other than those two, of the other 9 players drafted before the sox selected Borchard, 3 have reached the majors with little success (Dave Kryznel, Adam Johnson, Justin Wayne) and the other 6 have yet to reach a level higher than AA.

Chase Utley so far has been a good pick. Aaron Heilman is in the majors and is a decent pitcher, but he didn't sign in 2000. He waited until the next year and reentered the draft. There are a few other guys who are still considered prospects in the minors (Boof Bonser) or have just made it to the majors (Dustin McGowan, Kelly Johnson). There might be another couple guys I may be missing since I'm not familiar with every team's prospects but at least the top of the draft has largely been disappointing.

So while other teams may not have given out the bonus money the sox did, many of them are in similar positions with their picks.