View Full Version : When will the Spring Training games be on Comcast?

03-02-2006, 06:24 PM
Please let me know. I really want to see some of our prospects play, which I would not be able to do otherwise.

03-02-2006, 06:26 PM
Please let me know. I really want to see some of our prospects play, which I would not be able to do otherwise.


Look for the games that say "CSN Chicago".

03-02-2006, 07:07 PM
First game is Wednesday, IIRC.

03-03-2006, 07:38 AM
Looks to be a WGN game tomorrow.

03-03-2006, 02:03 PM
The complete White Sox spring training broadcast schedule, including Comcast SportsNet game replay dates:
Chicago White Sox 2006 Spring Training Broadcast Schedule
DayDateOpponentRadioTVTimeWednesdayMarch 1COLORADOWSCR 670 2:05 p.m.ThursdayMarch 2ARIZONA (ss)WSCR 670 2:05 p.m.ThursdayMarch 2at Colorado (ss) 2:05 p.m.FridayMarch 3at Arizona 2:05 p.m.SaturdayMarch 4ARIZONA WGN1:05 p.m.SundayMarch 5at Arizona WSCR 670 2:05 p.m.MondayMarch 6at Colorado 2:05 p.m.TuesdayMarch 7OAKLAND 2:05 p.m.WednesdayMarch 8at LA Angels WSCR 670CSN2:05p.m.ThursdayMarch 9SEATTLE CSN*2:05 p.m.FridayMarch 10SAN FRANCISCO CSN2:05 p.m.SaturdayMarch 11at San Diego WSCR 670 2:05 p.m.SundayMarch 12LA ANGELS WSCR 670 CSN* 2:05 p.m.MondayMarch 13at Oakland 2:05 p.m.TuesdayMarch 14ARIZONA WSCR 670CSN* 2:05 p.m.WednesdayMarch 15at Colorado WSCR 670CSN2:05 p.m.FridayMarch 17TEXAS CSN*2:05 p.m.SaturdayMarch 18CUBS WSCR 670WGN2:05 p.m.SundayMarch 19at Milwaukee CSN*2:05 p.m.MondayMarch 20at Kansas City WSCR 670CSN*2:05 p.m.TuesdayMarch 21SAN DIEGO WSCR 670CSN*2:05 p.m.WednesdayMarch 22COLORADO WSCR 670CSN2:05 p.m.ThursdayMarch 23at Texas CSN2:05 p.m.FridayMarch 24at Seattle 2:05 p.m.SaturdayMarch 25at San Francisco WSCR 670CSN2:05 p.m.SundayMarch 26KANSAS CITY CSN*2:05 p.m.MondayMarch 27at Cubs WSCR 670 2:05 p.m.TuesdayMarch 28at Arizona CSN*2:05 p.m.WednesdayMarch 29MILWAUKEE CSN*2:05 p.m.ThursdayMarch 30COLORADO WSCR 670CSN*1:05 p.m.FridayMarch 31at Atlanta (Turner Field) 6:05 p.m.SaturdayApril 1at Atlanta (Turner Field) CSN12:05 p.m.All games are Central Standard Time. Dates and times subject to change. Home dates in CAPS. (ss) - split squad game
* - games to be replayed on Comcast SportsNet at 7:00 p.m. CST