View Full Version : Haeger and other Bullpen possibilities

02-27-2006, 02:47 AM
I know there are quite a few possibilities for people to get a spot in the white sox bullpen. But I am begining to believe Haeger has a real shot as a speciality or long reliever.

There are certain advantages to Knuckleballers. Probably the biggest one when they can throw strikes, they are nasty no matter what side of the plate you are hitting from. The other advantage is they give an edge to power pitchers when closing (it would make Jenks and Cotts job easier). They can also eat innings as long as you do not keep them in too long.

I never believed in the lefty reliever for the sake of having a lefty reliever. In fact I always thought the righty/lefty reliever strategies to be a bit bogus save for only a very small handfull of pitchers in the leagues. Otherwise for the most part you have lefty pitchers that are just as effective on right handed batters, and righty pitchers who are more effective with lefty hitters.

I rather have somebody like Haeger in there then a dime a dozen lefty. A guy who has a tricky pitch (usually it takes 2 appearance to figure out a knuckleballer) who can pitch every night if need be without tiring, and enhances the bullpen.

From all that has been said Haeger has improved significantly in the offseason and during the winter leagues. I think he has an honest shot at the bullpen, even with all the lefty invites. In fact he is probably the only pitcher standing out in my mind to take this position.

But I would like your thoughts. Who will fill the bullpen gaps left by the departure of Marte and Viz?