View Full Version : Reinsdorf interview in News Gazette

mike squires
02-26-2006, 10:52 AM
This morning in the Champaign News~Gazette, there are some interesting comments he made in an interview. Afterwards, there were a few remarks I found scratching my head, but I appreciate it cause the guy is honest. Here are a few quotes...

How has winning a World Series title changed you?

"I don't know if I'll ever have the same passion. Even if we win again it won't be quite the same. I probably don't have the same passoin." He goes on to say, "On the other hand I do have a stong desire to validate last year's championship by trying to win another.

What was the whole Frank Thomassituation like for you and how did you leave things with him?

"It's tough because for whatever reason athletes don't seem to understand when their time has come. When Michael Jorden played too long. I think Frank has played too long. It's tough because Frank seemed to take it personally. IT's not a personal thing. Once Frank's Carreer is over he'll be welcomeed to come back to the whitesox in some capacity. It's something he watned to do. You've got to put the best 25 guys you can find out on the field and fit into that profile.

When asked how good of a baseball player Michael Jordon was

We sent him to AA. We don't send anybody to AA wehen we draft them out of high school or college. HE hit.209. I think if he would have stayed with the with it he would hve made the big leagues. He wouldn't have been a starter but would have been and extra outfielder.