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02-12-2006, 02:51 PM
It's really an article on the N Siders but when you read about their weaknesses you think of the strengths of the S Siders. While the article focuses on runners in scoring postion (risp) situations I think it overlooks the more important runners on (ron) situation.

In the eyes of the defense a lead-off double or triple is a lucky hit. It puts the fielders on their toes but there's no sense that the opposition can manufacture runs. Even if the team scores the fielders leave with a sense of lucky hit. We'll get it back.

Now compare that with a guy just getting on but advancing to 2nd on either a steal, a hit & run, or a fc. The fielders now have a sense that the opposition can manufacture runs. If the team is able to score that there is a sense of dread that enters the mindset of those fielders. A sense that if they don't play a flawless game this team will do the same thing & score more games. It puts greater pressure on that team in the field in a game that requires players to be loose.

IMO, that's what the 2005 White Sox did better than any one else & they still possess all of the tools & players to do it again. Of course they weren't too shabby in none on (non) situations either.