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07-28-2001, 03:53 PM
Check out his latest column:
White Sox throwing in the towel (again)?
By Joe Morgan
Special to ESPN.com

The White Sox's trade of James Baldwin is a little surprising. Although long shots, they are in the wild-card race, and they've been playing well in recent weeks. From their perspective, it's hard to know why they did it, because no one knows how good the three minor leaguers are that they got.

Every time a pitcher is traded, you have to wait a couple of years before you can honestly evaluate the trade. Pitchers have a tendency to break down in this day and age, although Baldwin does seem to be getting stronger as the season progresses. It will be a couple of seasons before anyone can say if this was a good or a bad deal for the White Sox. Either way, it's still a bit surprising.

It is not necessarily an indication the White Sox are giving up. But they have had contract problems with Magglio Ordonez, and if they trade him, their fans will be right to think, "Here we go again." Then again, the White Sox don't have a lot of fans.

Acquiring Baldwin makes sense for the Dodgers. They needed not just another arm, but a guy with experience who has pitched in the big leagues to help their young guns, Eric Gagne, Luke Prokopec and Terry Adams. Now they have a veteran they can add to Chan Ho Park, while they continue to hope for Kevin Brown's speedy return. They are definitely in the race, so this is a good move for the Dodgers.

This week involves a lot of tough decisions for teams, and no one ever knows if they're doing the right thing, Chicago included. A lot of teams are blowing in the wind right now. Everyone was wondering if the A's were going to be sellers or buyers, and with the addition of Jermaine Dye, it appears they are buyers. But they might trade Jason Giambi over the weekend, which would make them a big-time seller.