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ode to veeck
07-28-2001, 03:31 PM
in the group shot, in addition to ray as oliver o oliver, we got cookie and ringmaster ned, who was later replaced by frazier thomas when ned passed away, ditto for bob bell who also passed away (somewhere about when waiting list for bozo's tickets went from 2 years to 8 or 10 years); who's the bandleader's name?

so now there's a controversey, is ray raynor still alive or not?
... and who's buried in his tomb then

NOT suprizing to hear ray a sox fan as wgn and tribune of the 60s was equally biased in reporting on sox and cubs, I thought it was early 70s when sox migrated to wfld-32 and the slow decline began (in terms of coverage) though when they brought harry and piersall in they covered the gap pretty well