View Full Version : WBC haters.. and proponents alike..

12-06-2005, 02:00 PM
Alright.. good post by Paulwny in "Contreras --> WBC?" gave this link:


While I, myself, am a proponent of the WBC, I hope that this will give hope to both WBC advocates and WBC haters alike. I too am worried how the WBC will affect our players, however, this makes it seem slightly more bearable. A lot of people are contributing to make this thing happen.. not just our team.

I know this won't make the haters any more in favor of the event, but I'm hoping it calms so nerves, if only slightly.

P.S. On a side note, I saw Tommy Lasorda on the front page of the WBC page and thought of a funny, international baseball story. In high school I was able to meet him when he came and spoke to our school. A classmate, being shortly after Lasorda had beaten Cuba, had the idea to make a sign for him thanking him for "beating all of those Commis" (sp?). Of course the faculty at the school had an uproar and took the sign before he was allowed in. This guy, usually in trouble, went back, stole the sign, and snuck it into the auditorium. I, of course, thought he'd be in trouble, but when Lasorda saw it during his speech, he asked to see the kid after the talk so he could tell him he appreciated it. He went ahead and signed the poster...
I guess maybe this wasn't so funny, but it was to be there.. pretty cool in my opinion. Lasorda was a real class act and the best (although cliche) "motivational" speaker I've ever heard in my life. Glad to have him endorsing the U.S.