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12-05-2005, 07:25 PM
Sorry if this has been discussed, but I haven't noticed any threads discussing the increased revenue stream.

Maybe the reason for some of this crazy spending by teams is that, according to this article, an extra $13M/year in tv, radio and internet revenue. Each team would also be getting a one-time payment of approximately $15.5M for the sale of the Nationals.

"Teams have more money to spend thanks to new television, radio and Internet deals that will provide about an additional $397 million a year to split. The Washington Nationals are expected to be sold soon, which will provide around $450 million for the other 29 teams to split, too."


If true, I think it would be wise to try and lock up Garland (I've read the rumors that they have, but maybe increase the offer a bit if he really rejected).

12-05-2005, 09:10 PM
I posted about this in WTS, I'll copy

"I read in SI last week or so that ther is a bunch of extra money floating around from different revenue sources this off-season.

Looking up the article, here's the pertinent info


Clubs would be enriched by three streams of new or improved revenue: Each would get nearly $2 million from satellite radio rights (MLB signed an eight-year deal with XM in October 2004) and as much as $10.5 million from growing Internet and MLB.com revenues. The expected sale of the Washington Nationals for $450 million would also mean a return of about $11 million per team on MLB's $120 million purchase of the Montreal Expos nearly four years ago.

http://premium.si.cnn.com/pr/subs2/...1205/index.html (http://premium.si.cnn.com/pr/subs2/siexclusive/2005/pr/subs/siexclusive/11/29/scorecard1205/index.html)
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