View Full Version : Time to Confess: Who said they'd get a SOX Tattoo if we won it all

12-02-2005, 04:02 PM
And hasnt done it yet?
Forgive me if theres a similar topic. A friend of mine is getting a fairly small SOX tattoo this weekend and reminded me of a party Farmer Andy had at his house back in August. In his kitchen was a dry-erase board, and I wrote,
"What will you do if the SOX win it all in 05?"
There were a number of pretty clever responses and everyone played along and filled that board up pretty nicely as the evening wore on. A number of people said they'd get a SOX tattoo somewhere on their bodies if we WON the Series.

I was one of those people.
So was Farmer Andy and his pal Shane. (note how im calling them out here, heh heh) Ive designed my own version of the SOX logo and will have it on my left arm, and look to have it done after the holidays. Has anyone else said they'd get one? Mods again forgive me if this was a topic already.

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