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12-02-2005, 02:14 PM
Webster defines a fan as a 'fanatic, and an enthusiastic devoutee'.

As a follow up, this is my tribute to the faithful......

This is a tribute to the women and men who properly guided their children, as many of them were, from infancy, buying them little White Sox jump suits (except for the bibs, those were cubs), taking them to their first games while still in a buggy.

To those who stayed the whole nine innings of a game the Sox were trailing in, to be rewarded occasionally with an incredible last inning rally that erased a five run deficit and a probable loss.

To the many who jumped over the walls overlooking Armour Square Park to get in free, even on half price night (pre 1991, of course).

To those who actually attended 'Disco Demolition', the original 'Turn Back The Clock' and the entire 25-inning, two day game against the Brewers in 1984.

For those who treated the annual crosstown exibition games as the real thing.

For the faithful who cheered 'Harold, Harold' in perfect sync to nancy's organ.

For the parents who stayed with their kids, on a school night, till the end of extra inninngs or lengthy rain delays, whether the Sox won or lost.

A tribute to the many, young and old, who looked over the opening day line up every season and told themselves, 'This could be our year'.

A fond remembering of the trips to Milwaukee, eating and getting tanked in the parking lot before letting the Brewer fans have it in the bleachers at game time.

And finally, let's not forget the many fans who are no longer with us, who missed the opportunity to witness this incredible season that has just ended, and are rejoycing now that their favorite team has won the big one!

Yes, fellow White Sox Fans, congratulations, and cheers to you for being the devoted group you are.

On to 2006!

12-02-2005, 04:04 PM
Great post. Brought back many memories for me. Thanks! :smile: