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12-01-2005, 07:37 PM
I saw this in yesterday's Sun-Times, meant to post it, then forgot all about it.
Former Cleveland Indians first baseman Vic Power has died. He will always be
remembered in White Sox history for the night of September 22, 1959, when
he grounded into a bases-loaded, Aparicio-to-Kluszewski double play that
clinched the first AL pennant for the White Sox in 40 years and their last until
this year. It also touched off a huge celebration in Chicago.

You know, whenever I would write something about 1959, I always did so
with a mixture of nostalgia and envy. Nostalgia for a time and place long
gone, envy for people who were around back then and actually got to see
the White Sox win an AL pennant. I don't feel that second emotion anymore.

Couple more things about Vic Power: he was one of the first black players in
the Yankee organization, was traded to the Kansas City A's. He played for
them on April 23, 1955, when the White Sox beat them, 29-6. He was
traded to the Indians for a young outfielder named Roger Maris. I believe
he also was one of the first 1st basemen to do the one-handed catch
when making a putout.