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11-30-2005, 03:55 PM
Should be interesting.

11-30-2005, 04:05 PM
Listening to it now.

-happy they got Thome, and said it was smart to get him (Thome) first instead of waiting around for him (Paul) to sign

-T. Diddly and Mr. Pseudo-intellectual asked him about his hip

-They also asked him if being World Champs would stop him from beating himself up when doing bad, and he said "NO", which I take as a good thing. He/They won't rest on the laurels. Good to hear.

Missed the rest, had to take a phone call. STUPID WORK !:redneck

Flight #24
11-30-2005, 04:17 PM
Per the AM1000 interview with MJ&H

- Biggest thing was that the Sox are the best positioned team for him to win with. That's the main thing. The ingredients are there for a 4-5 year run where the Sox contend and are in the mix for the WS.
- Thome acquisition was huge "he's a monster"
- Good group of guys that he's comfortable with
- The reported initial 4-yr/$52M deal was "fiction"
- the 5th year was important to him because he was "presented with the free agent process" (i.e. they didn't lock him up before the season ended) and he wanted to just get what's fair and see what the market was like. When he got to see what other offers were like, what other deals, including ones that "you'll see announced soon". That drove the 5th year.
- Sad to see Rowand go, but he understands you had to give up something to get something and Thome was what they needed to be able to put runs up more consistently. Rowand should've won the GG.
- Tough thing about the Angels is that their whole staff "raised me in the minor leagues"
- He's looking forward to "at least 12 years in a White Sox uniform"!

11-30-2005, 04:32 PM
- The reported initial 4-yr/$52M deal was "fiction"

Interesting. Seems like:
- only the O's offered more than $12 mil. a year
- the Angels offered the 5th year and the Sox matched

Despite all the speculative nightmare scenarios, it looks like both sides handled this very well.