View Full Version : Comcast replays World Series, etc

11-23-2005, 10:34 PM
Starting tomorrow at 7 pm on Thanksgiving Day, ComCast Sports Net will show the Official White Sox World Series Film..90 minutes

Over the time period from November 24 to January 2 ComCast Sports Nets will also show SOX PRIDE....90 minutes and will replay EVERY White Sox 2005 playoff game. This includes every ALDS & ALCS & World Series games.

The whole link for the exact schedule won't go thru so I'm gonna try to put it in 2 parts. You'll have to type it in yourself & hook the 2 together.

http://chicago.comcastsportsnet.com/ (http://chicago.comcastsportsnet.com/view_content_Op.asp?ID=19354)

view_content_0p.asp?ID=19354 That's a number zero 0 & not a capital O in the 0p.asp part.

I hope this works