View Full Version : Potential Sox Salary with Moves.

11-16-2005, 10:32 PM
My source, for the information involving the 05 salary and the projected amount that we will be willing to use for 06 is, mlb4u.com. In 2005 the White Sox salary was around 75 million. According to the contracts of the guarenteed salaries and potential arbitration cases (I gave what I felt was appropriate to their production in 05 and in regards to their 05 salary, maybe even a little generous)
(AJ: 2.25-2005, 5 mil-2006. Crede: 400,000-2005,3.5 mil-2006. Garland: 3.4-2005, 6 mil-2006. Vizcaino: 1.3-2005, 2 mil-2006) also without the potential contracts of any free agent acquisition, including Paul Konerko, the number is:approx. 68.91 million. Currently the hot rumor is Rowand traded for Delgado, and the fact that the White Sox are currently actively pursuing Scott Eyre. If we are currently attempting to sign Eyre that would most definately mean that Marte is on his way out. I also would assume that El Duque could have seen his last game as a member of the White Sox. I'm also gonna throw in the resigning of Paul Konerko for conversation sake. Adding Delgado (13.5 mill), Konerko (14 mill), and Eyre (4 mill?) and subtracting Rowand (3.25 mill), Marte (2.25 mill) and Hernandez (4.5 mill) would leave us with a salary of approx. 90.5 million. This would also mean that Frank Thomas and Carl Everett would also not be returning to the Sox. The estimated jump from 2005 to 2006 would 75 mill-90.5 mill=a 15.5 million increase. We are expected to increase between 15-20 million. As far as other rumored players and contracts that the White Sox are concentrating on are:
Jim Thome (12.5 mill), Todd Helton (16.6 mill), Ken Griffey (12.5 mill).