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11-09-2005, 06:20 PM
I've meant to ask this for a few weeks but never got around to it until now. Searched for posts about this subject but couldn't find any, so here goes. My own experience has made me curious about how far some people will travel to see the White Sox in the World Series. Here is my story:

Actually it is my cousin's story. He is a die-hard Sox fan and has been working in Greece for the last few years. He has a friend who is a season ticket holder and they've had an agreement that when (not if) the Sox get to the Series, my cousin would get a ticket to the first home game. He told his bosses about this every year and they agreed (I don't think they ever thought that they'd have to worry about this). Of course, this year his time came. He flew in from Greece on Thursday, went to game 1 on Saturday, stayed to watch game 2 with us on Sunday and went back to Greece on Monday. He watched every Sox playoff and Series game in Greece on Armed Forces TV. The night games came on at 3:30 am in Greece, but it's something that had to be done for a White Sox Winner. I'm sure there are many others who travelled a long distance for their beloved Sox. Anyone know of any?

11-10-2005, 12:53 AM
I told myself since becoming a Sox fan at the ripe age of 8 in '78 that I'd go to the World Series when the Sox got there. So living in San Diego these days, the flight was much shorter than, say, Athens. I flew out of Orange County that Saturday morning to attend games one and two of the World Series that weekend. Chicago has been an infrequent destination since the mid-80s, and when I have been, it's been on dates without Sox home games. Travel had taken me to a number of Sox road games over the years, but the opener of the World Series was my first Sox home game since June of '81, when Billy Martin's A's beat the Sox 8-3 (Francisco Barrios was the LP that day). I was certainly glad I made that pledge to myself so many years ago...October 22nd and 23rd...two days that will live in infamy. A great way to see the [not so new] park. After hundreds of games on t.v., including the disappointment of '93 while living in Canada (the Jays fans were relentless), it was great to be sitting around so many like-minded Sox fans!

11-10-2005, 01:31 AM
I also made the flight from So. Cal. Doesn't nearly top Europe though....

11-10-2005, 01:46 AM
I drove in from Ann Arbor, Michigan (GO BLUE) for games 1 and 2 of the ALDS, which is about 280 miles or so. I then drove back after game 2. This is when it starts to get crazy. I drove in for game 1 of the ALDS, took a plane back the next morning for 3 classes....took a plane back that afternoon for game 2, and then drove back the next day. I then drove in for the world series games 1 and 2 and drove back, and finally I drove in for the parade weekend and drove back. Let's see, thats 280 miles X 10 trips back and forth = 2,800 miles:cool: It was worth every mile!!

11-10-2005, 08:14 AM
I went to game 2 of the ALDS and traveled in from Des Moines all in one day because i couldn't miss work the next day so that was 180X4=720 miles

I went to game 2 of the ALCS game and traveled again from Des Moines but this time i stretched it out into two days but still logged 720miles on the rig.

All for the love of the Sox:bandance:

11-10-2005, 11:12 AM
I flew out for games 1 & 2 of the WS. 2200 miles one way.