View Full Version : White Sox Bumps AL Central to 3rd in Rankings

11-03-2005, 03:29 AM
Since the new Divisional Alignment was implemented in 1995, the AL East has dominated but the AL Central with the help of the 11-1 White Sox 2005 Postseason performance has vaulted the division to 3rd Place.

Division Record Games & Winning Pct. Series Record World Series Wins

AL East 107-78 .578 20-10-4 5 (NY Yankees 4, Boston 1)
NL East 83-66 .557 17-10-2 3 (Fla 2, Atl 1)
AL Central 46-44 .511 9-10-0 1 (Chicago White Sox)
NL Central 52-65 .444 9-13-2 None
AL West 39-54 .419 7-13-0 1 (Anaheim)
NL West 33-53 .384 7-13-0 1 (Arizona)

The NL Central is the only division not to win a World Series since realignment (their last team won in 1990). The NL Central has the most teams among the divisions yet they are the worst of the worst in that regard.

The American League is 7-4 in the World Series since realignment and has won 10 of the last 14 and 15 of the last 22 rendering the National League the horse**** league of MLB. Come on White Sox lets move the AL Central to its rightful place atop this list.