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Reminds me of 83
10-28-2005, 04:25 PM
This year has been amazing from a number of perspectives, esp. the quality of play on the field. However, the marketing and p/r teams for the White Sox have done an amazing job promoting the bull club and its successes. From the commercials earlier in the year, to the reintroduction of Lets Go, Go Go White Sox music, to the phenomenal success of the parade today... its pretty cool.

I am not sure who the architect of all of this was (and it was certainly made possible by the amazing success of the team), but here's to Brooks Boyer, the head of marketing for the White Sox.

Thanks for helping to make Chicago understand what we have always known. This is a great club that plays in very nice park, which is located in a safe and pleasant neighborhood. Hopefully, we are not the redheaded stepchild anymore.