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12-14-2001, 08:37 AM
on Ritchie....i likes this one.....also seems he took a no-no into the ninth last year.....

Sportingnews Scouting report...

A friend who's a major league scout saw Ritchie vs. Maddux last week: "Ritchie pitched probably the finest game I've seen all season. To me, he was better than Maddux, though he lost the game. He had a 70-plus fastball (94-95 mph the whole game), a 65 slider, a 60 curveball and 65 command (all on the 20-80 scouts' scale). He could be a No. 3 starter on a championship ballclub if he corrects a violent head jerk which could lead to poor control."
Fantasy Spin: In roto terms, Ritchie has the talent to win 10 games over the rest of this season. But my friend thinks that Ritchie won't achieve his potential until he moves to an organization that will provide better run support and a better mental climate. In a deep league, watch his next 2-3 starts and strike if Ritchie remains hot. In shallow leagues, you probably want to steer clear. (David Srinivasan/TSN)