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10-27-2005, 12:08 PM
My favorite stories of the day.

Rick Morrissey
John Kass.


Tribune editorial


Mike Bauman


An article about Ozzie - also by Mike Bauman


Jason Stark


All are well worth reading.

10-27-2005, 12:35 PM
I never would have expected it from Stark, but his article may be the best I have read so far. It gave me chills again to read it.

10-27-2005, 02:06 PM
I never would have expected it from Stark, but his article may be the best I have read so far. It gave me chills again to read it.

Best article ever.

Palmeiro chopped it into the sky. Jenks leaped for it, then realized the most disastrous thing he could have done was deflect it. So he pulled his hand back and watched it hop over his head.

It looked, for an instant, like an infield hit waiting to happen. But here came Uribe one more time, charging, scooping, firing the baseball toward Konerko at approximately 866 miles per hour.

Thwack. The ball hit the glove. Frrrummphh. Palmeiro's foot hit the bag. First-base ump Gary Cederstrom pumped the out sign toward the Great Lakes. And 88 years of agony melted into the past tense.

"I knew I caught it in time," Konerko said. "But I still sneaked a look over at the umpire -- because I didn't want to get caught celebrating prematurely."

"I'm not sure what happened after that," said Jenks, "other than a whole lot of loudness -- and a bunch of guys hitting me on the head."

Then he looked up and saw his catcher, Pierzynski, sprinting toward him -- and (yikes) leaping into his arms.

"I knew he was coming," Jenks said. "I just had a feeling. I saw it in his face: 'Here I come.' "

"Hey, I knew he wouldn't drop me," Pierzynski said. "He might be the only guy in the league who's fatter than me."

"It didn't matter how big he is," Jenks said. "I could have picked up a car right then."