View Full Version : This One Was For The Southsiders!

10-27-2005, 01:22 AM
Here's my take on this team, this year and White Sox and their fans in general, which I thought you all might appreciate. I'd love to hear how everyone else feels, this is just such a huge night, I couldn't help reflecting.

I've loved the White Sox ever since I was... well let's just say my first Sox game was during my first trimester. I have a brick from Old Comiskey and I froze my ass off watching them lost to the Jays in Ocotber '93. I've sat through four hour rain delays in April only to get to sit through a game in sub freezing weather and still consider it a sucess, because the White Sox win. This championship has been a lifetime coming for me. My parents would tell me of the miserable days in the 70s when they couldn't buy a hit buy, God knows they tried. Off the '77 Hitmen, who had us believing, if just for a summer. Of the '83 Winnning Ugly squad and poor Richard Dotson pitching his heart out and still giving up a homer into the wind in the 10th. I remember when Good Guys wore black in '93 and in '94 when greedy Jerry and the players stole our season. I remember White Flag and, subsequently, the Kids of '00. I remember Ruffcorn and Ritchie, the Little Hurt and One Dog, I remember walking around after a squeez bunt in Seattle broke my heart and thinking that this had to be the coldest day ever in October.

But you know what? All that just made the season sweeter. This team was something special and I love these guys. I love them for 1-0 wins to start the season, the second half and to win the Series. I love them having led in the first 37 games of the year, like another great team, the '55 Dodgers. I love this team for giving me something incredible to watch every day on tivo after working at 4:30 am. I love them for Ozzie's fearless, happy interviews. I love them for Iguchi's brilliant situational hitting. For Rowand running into a wall with a twelve-run lead. For the Big Hurt, Mr. White Sox doing all he could despite a bad ankle and carrying the team for a month. I love this team for its no name relievers who were the best in baseball. For our Cubans who braved exile to play baseball for this. For Jonny, finally stepping up and for Mark, Mr. Unselfish who will one day be in Cooperstown. For A.J. that crazy Polack who did everything he could to win and for Juan, playing with everything he had, all the time. For all the great moments, for the fortitude, the team work, for coming back strong after swooning in Septemeber and carrying themselves all the way through. I love this team for having the brains and the guts not to play with the weight of history on its shoulders. I love this team for dominating in the playoffs and making a statement.

Most of all, I love this team for how they reperesented the South Side. They had no big names or big egos. They were just guys who came in and did their jobs and did them their damndest everyday. They were never media darlings, they never really got much respect but you know what, they ended up coming to the park and beating you more often than not.

So, even though I have no such authority, I'd like to dedicate this Championship. This isn't for Chicago, this isn't for baseball and this isn't for killing some nonexistant curse. This one is for YOU, the Southsiders. All of you, living and dead. Wherever you go, you got looked down on, you got digs and dirty looks. You got **** from everyone, from northsiders, from annoying Iowans, from ESPN and the local media and total strangers. Well you know what you got now? You got the right to say "SCREW 'EM" because YOU are the best in the world right now. That's right, the south side, the losers, the misunderstood stepchildren. So go crazy Sox fans and Southsiders, wherever you may be, because I love. Now more than ever, show your SOX PRIDE!