View Full Version : Damn This Feels Good

10-26-2005, 04:35 PM
My earliest memories of the sox go back to 71 and Bell Melton hitting his 33rd homer. 72 brought Dick Allen for Tommy John and I was hooked. I do not know what Im gonna do--but I can promise you this--I will be on cloud 9 all winter. How many of us have waited all our lives just to see the Sox in a World Series-let alone win one. My God, I cant explain the absolute pride here in Mississippi to hear people say " How bout those Sox" and not be being a smartass. I am doing my part to convert some of these lost sheep around here, and this may do it. Thank you KW and Jr and Ozzie and the players past and present for this---for this belongs to all of us--but it belongs to all of you as well

27 outs to go
1 game
88 years about to change