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10-22-2005, 11:30 PM
Man what a night. All tha tension and power and fun rolled up into one little package of joy.

I went looking for baseball fans tonight. I didn't figure to find any Sox fans here in New Bern and I was right. I did meet some pretty cool Boston fans and one old timer who lived in Hyde Park 10 years before I was born. They were half watching the game and were way cool. Still, for the most part I was by myself - the only true diehard fan of either team sitting in the Sheraton bar. I actually had to request the game be put on to give you an idea of what it is like around here. The locals just don't give a ****.

Back and forth and back and forth the score went. I'm talking to a few people, but mostly just watching the game. Then one by one a wedding party started trickling in. Mike was the guy I talked to most. He's a Braves fan (pretty common down thisaway) and he was more a NL fan than anything, but he enjoyed my enthusiasm and he was pretty drunk. His wife was the Maid of Honor tonight. Slowly a group formed and then in came a woman who clearly was the bride based on the round of applause she received from the entire group that was there. Her husband left to take some stuff to the room. This is about the 7th inning or maybe just a bit earlier.

The Sox were leading by one and something happened that had no bearing on the final outcome but was good for the Sox and the bride started clapping. She was the only person in the bar aside from me actively rooting on either team. That pretty much cinched it for me. I figured the Sox had to have some luck on their side if a bride was rooting for them.

Then came the 8th and those three huge strikeouts and then the insurance run and finally Bad Bobby laying the smackdown on the Astros and then it was over. I obviously bought the bride and groom a drink and yes, I got to kiss the bride.

And now I am home, waiting for my pizza to finish baking, sipping on some bourbon and typing this post.

Like I said to the bride and groom when I toasted them, "I had a pretty good day, but I suspect (they) had a better one."

Long life to you folks where ever you are and of course...


10-22-2005, 11:49 PM
I obviously bought the bride and groom a drink and yes, I got to kiss the bride.


Seriously though, nice story.

10-22-2005, 11:58 PM
I'm just sitting here listening to Green Onions and digesting as much Sox as I can stands. I have some people over here, but I'm not being a very good host if you know what I mean. :cool: