View Full Version : Let's Compare Cubs and Sox GMs

12-12-2001, 05:11 PM
Why does it seem that McPhail seems to get so much more value in his deals that KW gets in his. Think about the stupidity of the KW blockbuster deals. David Wells - he trades a guy who is under contract for two years (Sirotka) for a guy in questionable health who has only a one -year deal.

Now this....He trades four players including Jon Garland for another rent a player, who again, always seems to be hurt. And in the process, weakens an already weak starting rotation even more.

I see a very bleak future for this team. as long as this moron is calling the shots.

McPhail, :(: OTOH, gets a slick fielding shortstop and an all-star first baseman, both with power, for garbage. You could say that the trades by the other teams so that they could dump salary, but wait........The D-Rays are picking up a good chunk of MCGriff's salary and, the B-Jays still have to pay Felix Heredia.