View Full Version : How about keeping it all together?

10-17-2005, 08:54 AM
Although the Sox haven't won it all yet, the way that they have played all season long suggests that they really are a "special team". Call it a team with chemistry, a collection of "grinders", or a bunch of guys who will "win or die trying". It all adds up to the "whole being greater than the sum of all of its parts".
How would you feel about Sox management just trying to keep all of these guys together? Perhaps Kenny Williams could even gain a little leverage in the negotiations with Konerko, by advocating the perpetuation of all of this magic.
Couldn't guys like Paulie, and even Frank, be influenced by their desire to remain part of this group? In fact. in each of their own ways, they are both considered "leaders" of this group? Sure, another team might offer them an extra million or two a year, but do they have a manager like Ozzie, would they be so revered by another city, and would they have the same chance to win?
Who knows, maybe appealing to this team to try to stay together will inspire Joe Crede to get a new agent, before it's his turn to negotiate a new contract. Some of you may not like all of these parts, and prefer to tinker with the roster, but that isn't the point. It doesn't matter what anyone else thinks about whether or not this is the right collection of guys to bring a championship to Chicago. The point is that these guys believe that they are the right group to get it done. For my part, I wouldn't be eager to make any changes. I prefer to let the coaches tinker with the players as Cooper did with Contreras, or Walker did with Crede and Uribe. In fact, why not also keep all of the coaches?
The age of almost all of these guys also suggests that there not only could be a few more years of winning baseball in this group, but it isn't unreasonable to have expectations of them getting even better. I don't think that we have seen peak years out of guys like Uribe, Crede, and McCarthy, or even Pierzynski, and Iguchi and a host of others. No one could really be considered over the hill.
Today's "sports" world is characterized by "mercenary" like player movement, motivated primarily by players and agents trying to squeeze out an extra million or two dollars, at the expense of all other considerations. Wouldn't it be refreshing to see management and players both trying to consider other things, things to which the average fan can more easily relate. How much more lovable could this team become for fans, if they could act like people who really care about each other, and their city. It may sound corny but, I'll bet it could go a long way toward endearing this team to what will certainly be a growing fan base. What do you think?