View Full Version : Well this doesn't make any sense

12-12-2001, 06:01 AM
There was another Sox rumor on the radio this morning. Murph and Fred only mention things they see in the papers. I'll assume it was in the Trib but I don't have time to look for it. Anyway they said there was a rumored three way deal:

Sox send Lee to the Yankees for El Duque
Sox trade El Duque to the Angels for Erstad

Doesn't that sound dumb? If the Angels want El Duque just trade the Yankees Erstad right. Or I am thinking about this the wrong way?

Viva Magglio
12-12-2001, 07:02 AM
Fred also mentioned that the Yankees are "interested" in Ray Durham. I would like the Mets to be "interested" in Ray-Ray so that we could bring Sandy's little brother back into the AL Central. But that latter deal won't happen because I suddenly remember who our owner is.