View Full Version : Sox pounce on game 2 mistakes

10-14-2005, 08:57 AM
Is there a trend here? Tony G lets the ball roll through his legs, allowing Tadahito to hit a 3 run dinger to win Game 2 against Boston. Then Josh Paul wrongly assumes AJ is out and rolls the ball to the mound, letting AJ reach first on a strike 3 swing, allowing Joe "Clutch" Crede to hammer an 0-2 splitter into the left field corner to drive in the winning run in Game 2 against Anaheim. (If you like bizarre parallels, note that both mistakes were made by former Sox players that were on our 2000 playoff roster!)

What is fantastic about these situations is that the Sox took advantage of both mistakes by following them with game winning hits.

Keep it up guys! GO SOX!!!