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10-12-2005, 07:52 PM
First off...would like to say howdy ya'll..and greets from the Lone Star State.:supernana:

Have been in a bit of a quandry for the past couple days...been tryin to locate some information regarding a piece of paper ...

Here's the story...
Went to a storage unit auction a couple weeks ago...and I bought a unit. Was going thru the stuff and I found an old minor league baseball program...dating back to WWII. Well after a little bit of research I found out that the program is affiliated with the Birmingham Barons outfit...which is the minor league for the Sox. However, here is my perdicament...trying to find a value for this program.
I've taken some pictures of the program...its all there...no major tears or creases...and it is unscored.
So...if any of you guys n' gals are collectors...I would greatly appreciate any information about the program...
Here is the starting roster for both teams on the program
(1) Olsen Mgr. (2B)
(10) Smith (CF)
(5) Roberts (SS)
(4) Frye (1B)
(14) Aderholt (3B)
(6) Veazey (LF)
(18) Monteagudo (RF)
(3) Barbary or (15) Lane (C)
Utility - (2) Brock
On the Bench:
(11) Torres
(21) Miller
(9) Langley
(17) Surratt
(20) Cathey
(7) Wilson

Now, the lineup for Birmingham
(30) Conway (SS)
(33) Usher (LF)
(29) Thaxton (CF)
(35) Polly (3B)
(16) Walsh (1B)
(25) Aleno (RF) or (18) Sipek (RF)
(17) Beeler (2b)
(31) Smith (C)
(37) Riddle (C)
Utility - (39) Usciak
On the Bench:
(43) Gainer
(26) Fox
(38) Baker
(10) Perrin
(32) Bartholmew
(41) Lapihouska

Trying to provide as much information as I possibly can so it would make it easier for anyone who could make heads or tails of it
The lineups are provided as they are in the program.
Happy Hunting...any help is greatly appreciated:D::D::)

10-14-2005, 11:29 AM
There are sports collector sites out there that can give you a better estimate. When I got a baseball from my father's effects a while back I was able to get an estimate on-line. Try doing a search for memorabilia or sports collectibles and you should turn up many places that will give you an estimate based on the information you have.

Edit: and also, just a friendly reminder, please do not try to sell the program here on WSI. We do not allow that kind of stuff.