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10-11-2005, 10:55 AM
and this story is amazing


Not only has the curse expired, but Hemond, a special assistant to GM Kenny Williams, received a good omen on the weekend.

Somehow Hemond's luggage and briefcase were delivered to the lobby of the club's Boston hotel, but not onto the team bus and didn't make the flight to Chicago.

"I was petrified," Hemond said of returning to the Second City. "I had my briefcase, with confidential material in it, not to mention tickets."

Who came to Hemond's rescue? A Boston hotel employee by the name of Luis Aparicio, who tracked down Hemond's belongings and shipped them to Chicago.

"I told him, Luis made a lot of great plays for the Sox but you made one just as important," Hemond said. "I wrote his boss how our Luis Aparicio is in baseball's Hall of Fame in Cooperstown and his Luis Aparicio should be in the hotel Hall of Fame. It's a good omen."

"We've made inroads," Hemond said. "The ballpark was electric against Boston. Our fans are steeped in Sox tradition and they have a great passion for the game.

"Our fans enjoy a good competitive season, people still thank me for 1972, when we were eliminated the final week, or 1977, when we were the South Side Hitmen."

"They don't agonize on the fact we haven't won, I've already had people tell me even if we don't go all the way, what a great season it's been," Hemond said. "They have an understanding of the game."

And the Cubs fans? "They go to the park as an outing or a celebration," Hemond said. "It's the place to be, the place to party."

10-11-2005, 11:17 AM
great article. I'll print it for my memoirs.

10-11-2005, 01:10 PM
And the Cubs fans? "They go to the park as an outing or a celebration," Hemond said. Well, now we know the origin of that shirt that says Wrigley is the World's Largest Gay Bar. :redneck