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10-09-2005, 07:06 PM
Just to set the stage, a week ago I said a bad word and was given a week off from WSI. Dumb move on my part, getting banned during the playoffs! Particularly dumb, since I'm on all kinds of forums and should know better.

Anyway, I went to the Jon Garland game @ Cleveland. Great game! Nice park! Long drive - I left at 3AM, and drove non-stop, arriving way before game time. Drove home non-stop afterwards, making a real long day. It was cool running into fans at all the service stops on the Ohio Turnpike, hi to everyone I saw there.

99% of the Cleveland fans were cool, but there were a few who insisted on hassling me like I've never been hassled before. A bunch of swears were directed at me (that's where I said the bad word last weekend), lots of stuff that shouldn't be said in a family type environment. But I suppose they were frustrated, their playoff hopes crushed right before their eyes. And being by myself, and dressed in the vibrant colors of the 1983 jersey, I must have been an easy target. Whatever.

The ALDS playoffs were awesome! How about Carl Everett giving Pods the hug and pat on the head, after Scotty's home run? The curtain calls, the crowd singing the Na na hey hey sing, it was all great! Chris Berman was, if anything, entertaining. From him we all learned Neal Cotts is a Chicago-area guy, having grown up in "suburban" Belleville! And how about how he introduces each Sox played as "Next up, the third baseman, Joe Crede..." as though he himself is only now learning what position everyone plays. I should watch the tapes and see if he does it the same way with the Red Sox. Maybe I'm just noticing something that's not really there, but to me the national guys always sound like its their very first time looking at a White Sox lineup (Jon Miller is the same way). Maybe I'm just overly sensitive.

How about El Duque pitching out of that jam in Game 3? I had just started eating dinner when Marte loaded 'em up, and as Hernandez battled with the Boston lineup I found myself just absent-mindedly chewing at my food without even tasting it. I had to get up and grab a cup of water with about every pitch just to swallow it. Without the water I would have choked and had to give myself the heimlich maneuver for sure. It was that tense!

Those links to the Red Sox forums sure are brutal! Every other word starts with F (careful now I don't want to get banned again). I ought to go through the one from Game 3, that sixth inning probably must have been about 20 pages all of swears. Fenway predicted that the Boston fans would now be rooting for the White Sox for the duration of the playoffs, and there were some posts on here that suggested some well-wishes from Red Sox fans. Somehow I doubt there is now a concensus throughout "Red Sox Nation" to now root for us... Did the Cub fans all root for Florida after blowing their 3-games-to-1 playoff lead in 2003? I don't think so. Its just like those Indians fans - I don't think they are rooting for us throughout the playoffs either.

Anyway, sorry for the long post. Anything else has probably been stated over 1000 times already. So, GOOD LUCK to the WHITE SOX in the ALCS; LET'S WIN IT ALL!!