View Full Version : Even the Cubune thinks berman sucks

10-08-2005, 04:09 AM
So long to hearing endless stories about the Boston Red Sox. Goodbye to Babe Ruth, breaking the curse and blah, blah, blah.

And most of all, see you later, Chris Berman.
- Ed Sherman

10-08-2005, 05:02 AM
Sadly, this will not be the last we see/hear of the bulbous Bristol Berman yapper. When not if, he resumes his moronic blather in the ALCS, we again will be "treated" to all those fond recollection of the 2004 playoffs, and how this year's version just doesn't quite measure up. We be regaled with the once comical, later anecdotal and now quickly becoming inane, musical malaprops of the player's names(ala Harry?). Tortured with the obscure New England area references; the Konerko at age 10 leaps to the fore! Perhaps this is just Berman's true talent, filler. ESPN/Fox is perhaps fortunate that the Sox sweep and the Angels/Yankee series dragging on will offer them an opportunity to scour the Earth, finding the bits and pieces of Sox memorabilia and personal asides that have become stock in trade of these broadcasts. The mention of the "unknown" members of the White Sox, seemingly a mystery to the announcing crew, (Sutcliffe excepted). Who was the brain-donor who put Piazza into the booth to provide an "insight" into a AL playoff series? While he has not been the detriment of Berman's never-ending din, and his technical insight of the game is well-stated, Piazza's lack of knowledge of the individual AL players is evident. But perhaps, I'm a bit too critical, there are obviously no non-playoff AL players capable of providing this insight into the broadcast. At least none that have the connections that Piazza brings to the table.