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10-08-2005, 03:38 AM
No matter what the White Sox do the rest of the playoffs, one thing is for sure. I will always remember this season. So far, during the ALDS, the playoffs have been an epic battle. Game 1's slug fest, game 2's come from behind, and game 3's nail bitter. I am proud of my Chicago White Sox.
I'm a young Sox fan, compared to some of you guys out there (Don't worry, I wont call you old :cool: ). I wasn't around for the '59 series, or the '83 playoffs. Heck, I was only 7 in '93. I remember only New Comiskey (although I have been to the Old one, or so I am told). So basically, I had no reason to stick by this team. The 2000 ALDS, while great that they made it there, basically stunk. Other than that, I remember only mediocre Sox teams. While everyone was jumping ship in '03 during the Cubs run, I quietly stayed faithful to my Sox. I stayed with this small, leakey, ship. Being a White Sox fan can leave you empty at times. I have been at this sight off and on since '01 (although mostly just lerked). I have seen the most crazed, the bitterest, the heart-broken, the loneliest, the angriest, most pessimistic, and most dark clouded of the die hard fans. It was the crew of this ship that made me stick with it.
I wanted memories during this series, and I got them. AJ with two homers in a game. Pods hit a homer with a swing that would make the Babe spin in his grave. Ozzie doing what Ozzie does, and having it all work out. From every defensive shift, to every call to the pen, Ozzie was gold. El Duque going down forever in White Sox lore. Konerko proving himself again and again (in spite of Berman and crew calling him "Koko". Hey Boomer, Big Paulie's been playing for a while, as you may or may not know, and we already have knick names for him). Iguchi getting the game winning homer after a come from behind. Conteres being masterful. AJ stealing a base (who knew he had it in him:dunno: ). The happiness and the suspense. It was all there to make the most exciting October since I was the "Red Ranger" getting free candy years and years ago
And so, only a few hours ago, I was watching the last game of the ALDS. I was watching El Duque pitching a heroic battle. The Sox went on to win this game, but not before making memories that will always stick with me. Something about this team I can pass on to my children. Something that I, as a fan, haven't experienced before with this team. Go Sox, we are all proud of you guys.

10-09-2005, 12:42 AM
Hey, Man...I appreciate you emptying out your heart like that over the team, and I'm right there with ya.

Go SOX!!!!!!